17" X 17" X 0.5" Red Leatherette Wire Mesh Chair Cushion

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17" X 17" X 0.5" Red Leatherette Wire Mesh Chair Cushion

Od HomeRoots Beddings

Cena: 279,00 AUD
279,00 AUD i DARMOWA wysyłka

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Here is a fine brand of exotic home furniture just within your reach. This wire dining chair is a bold reflection of mid-century style revamped with contemporary flair. It can be placed in any modern home dining or bar section for a distinctive touch. Made from welded solid steel frame and padded with soft but sturdy cushion. It also highlights three different types of finishing in matte black, chrome or matte white to suit any kind of home decoration. Indeed, this wire dining chair is designed to meet everyone's unique taste as it features two different heights and six cushion color options ; black, white, red, orange , green ad espresso. We've got you covered. Available in the dimension of 17 by 17 by 0.5 inches.

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