5w 6v Solar Panel Powered Fan Ventilator

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5w 6v Solar Panel Powered Fan Ventilator

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Description Specifications: 1. Voltage: 6V 2. Power: 5W 3. Color: black 4. Size: Fan diameter: 190mm Solar panel: 165mm*135mm 7. Weight: 505g Features: 1. Ultra-quiet design. 2. The pitch angle can be adjusted up or down. 3. Key switch. 4. Use the USB plug to share PC power. 5. Different power sources can be connected via USB. 6. It can also be powered by solar panels. 7. The air volume is comfortable, and it can be used close to the body. All seasons. Attention 1. Please place it out of the reach of children 2. When using this product, if sparks, Smoke and peculiar smell, Please turn off the power switch and Unplug and connect the computer equipment. 3. Do not turn on the fan by yourself Network or disassemble the first modification of this product. 4. Do not touch the machine with wet hands. 5. Do not catch water or clean water. 6. Do not put any abnormal objects such as liquids, metals, etc., Or insert it into the fan. 7. Do not place this product in a humid place, Direct exposure to sunlight, heat, In the car, heating room and other high temperature places. 8. Do not place heavy objects on the product. 9. Do not place this product in an unstable place. 10. Dont contain gasoline, Used in products with volatile organic solvents such as thinners. 11. The product will not be used for a long time, Please pull out the plug from the USB socket. Package includes: 1x USB mini fan 1x solar panel

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