Active Living 24 Inch Plastic Grab Bar White

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Active Living 24 Inch Plastic Grab Bar White

Od Active Living

Cena: 42,95 AUD
42,95 AUD + 34,80 AUD wysyłka

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The Active Living Plastic Grab Bar is a fantastic helping aid for helping you balance and stability and is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The grab bar provides support and extra assistance when you need it the most. Sturdy and strong grab rails that have a 1 diameter grip with circular end plates.

Szczegóły (techniczne)

Marka Active Living
Kategoria Balkoniki rehabilitacyjne
Kolor White
Rozmiar 9 x 9.5 x 70cm
Identyfikator Fruugo 41694112-85073704
EAN 5026390031023
Zarejestrowany numer VAT sprzedawcy GB191749669

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