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Aloe Clear

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Aloe Clear: For use on ingrown hairs and after shaving. Aloe Clear is designed to be used on P.F.B. Pseudo Folliculitis Barbae also know as razor bumps. This condition occurs because the freshly shaven or cut hairs, waxed hairs hairs get trapped under the skin and grow back under the skin. Aloe clear can be effective by helping to ex-foliate and remove the layer of dead skin that makes this condition a problem. Aloe clear contains soothing actives - Aloe Vera, Willow bark extract, multi fruit acids and Mentha Piperita oil. A unique cooling moisturising formula for blemish free skin. Thanks to its harmonious, natural blend of moisturising, soothing and ex-foliating ingredients, Aloe Clear delivers the clearest, freshest skin possible after hair removal. Aloe Clear roll on gel solution is a defence against ingrown hair and is for use after any hair removal procedure including waxing, shaving, sugaring and electrolysis. Aloe Clear instantly cools and calms skin bringing fast relief to after wax redness or razor burn. Aloe Clear does not sting when applied like many competitor's products products, Aloe clear has a pleasant tingle and cools with a gentle menthol fragrance. The ingredients in Aloe Clear are combined in a unique solution reducing the need for Alcohol as a carrier and replacing it instead with Aloe Vera liquid. Aloe Clear is still fast drying and great to use "on the go". Benefits: No more ingrown hair Fast visible results. Quick drying roll on gel application. Intensely moisturises, cools and soothes tender skin. Pleasant menthol fragrance. Non sting formula Removes dead skin cells, freeing the follicle from debris. Tackles post wax irritation and redness. Great to use after all hair removal including shaving. Delivers clear fresh younger looking skin.Aloe Clear 

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