Avalon Organics - Rosemary Bath & Shower Gel 350ml

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Avalon Organics - Rosemary Bath & Shower Gel 350ml

Od Avalon Organics

Cena: 17,95 AUD
17,95 AUD + 57,66 AUD wysyłka

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ROSEMARY Bath & Shower Gel is enriched with rosemary essential oil, calendula, Aloe and gentle botanical cleansers that purify and rejuvenate extra dryskin. Made with 70% organic content, this refreshing body wash cleanses skin without stripping the body of its natural oils. This all-natural shower gel also replenishes essential moisture as it soothes and conditions irritated dry skin, resulting in softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin all day long. Rosemary was used to soothe inflamed irritated skin and to this day, you find its use in skincare products. The presence of Rosemary Oil in the shower gel gives your skin a healthy, even glow when regularly applied. Containing all the energetic and therapeutic qualities of various botanical ingredients, this shower gel replenishes your skin and makes you feel fresh all day long. ROSEMARY Bath & Shower Gel: Your Daily Spa at Home Our Rosemary Bath & Shower Gel provides you the luxury of a spa at home. Made using natural botanicals such as Lavender oil, rosemary, organic aloe and Arginine, this soothing shower gel nourishes the skin. The gentle cleansers such as aloe and Arginine purify and replenish extra-dry, undernourished skin. The combination of handpicked ingredients, rebalance and restore your skin’s ideal pH level and allow your skin to breathe.ROSEMARY Bath & Shower Gel is the result of our approach to pick and offer only 100% natural products that come sans chemicals or synthetics.

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