Bounce Back How to Be A Resilient Kid by Wendy L Moss

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Bounce Back How to Be A Resilient Kid by Wendy L Moss

Od American Psychological Association

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Think of a bouncing ball. When a bouncing ball hits the ground it bounces back. Thats what resilience means the ability to bounce back from tough times. Some people seem to just automatically bounce back. But the truth is that resilience is not something you are born with or not it can be learned. Bounce Back will help you find your bounce using cool quizzes lots of advice and practical strategies that build up resiliency skills. Youll learn how to get to know yourself better understan

Szczegóły (techniczne)

Marka American Psychological Association
Kategoria Książki
Autor Wendy L Moss
Format Paperback
Język English
Ilość stron 112
Data wydania 2015-08-31
Wydawca / Wytwórnia płytowa American Psychological Association
Identyfikator Fruugo 48245170-95889861
ISBN 9781433819223
Zarejestrowany numer VAT sprzedawcy GB160565025

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