Dem-dt16c Tom Gentle Cleansing Dry Dehumidifier 15l / D 30

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Dem-dt16c Tom Gentle Cleansing Dry Dehumidifier 15l / D 30

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big screen dehumidifier instant suction with dual screenintelligent large screen dual view Improve absorption and instant dehumidification drying towels / multipurpose cleaning Tom course does not disturbGet rid instantly of internal moisture, superior to standard dehumidifierIt only takes one hour, the high humidity of the bathroom is dry and water vapor freeSee a step moisture before and enjoy the comfort and quickly repels moisture to restore the sunny weatherThe vapor moving water can only enter and exit, and the power dehumidifier that can not be absorbedUp to 48 bottles of water and heat can be removed in a dayNine touch functions sitting and lying, refreshing and comfortable throughout the yearThe automatic defrost function is automatically activated in low temperature climates without manual selection.Release negative ions in the morning forest, refreshing and purifying the musty smell without gettingOn / off 24 hours, every time you come home to upgrade itThe vibration damper and low compressor noise sounds like whispers Taiwan without disturbing the sweet sleepThe drainage method adapts to local conditions, flexible manual type, convenient external connectioncustom drainage methods for different domestic spaces, more intimate and convenient. You can choose according to your needs.The manual drainage is suitable for the living room and external continuous drainage room.The bathroom is suitable for cooking with dry piso. drain and is not wet everywhere.All the details are in place, double filter screen, flexible pull the fuselage, universal pulley double row,Voltage: 220V-50HzPower: 200WInput current: 1.0AWater tank capacity: 2.0LTotal size: 328 * 197 * 508mmSafety Protection: Total shutdown protection of waterlaboratory dehumidification capacity:15L / 24H (35 C-90% RH)nominal capacity of dehumidification:0,20-0,25kg / hr (27 C-60% RH)Daily dehumidification capacity:12L / 24H (30 C-80% RH)Executive Standard:GB4706.1-2005 GB4706.32-2012GB4343.1-2009 GB17625.1-2012

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