Dem-f800 5l Humidifier Aromatherapy Function 300ml / H

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Dem-f800 5l Humidifier Aromatherapy Function 300ml / H

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The body is white and snowy winter, exuding a clean and elegant, with round and showing the linearly simple and artistic beauty. The large capacity design sends light water mist and thin, moisturizing throughout the fall and winter. The concept of a lasting moisturizing large capacity and large capacity 5L does not require frequent addition of water.The concept contain all extends to capacity, providing enough water power 5L, which is equivalent to about 20 bottles of 250 ml bottled water. * Even wetting with a large volume of mist 300ml / h can humidify for about 16 hours. After the rain, Jiangnan is as smooth asThe instantaneous filling system 300 ml / h want to enjoy the spring moisture at any time? It spraying 300 ml water mist every hour to infiltrate the indoor air. When turned on at any time is April the world, so that the seat of the muscles can also drink enough water. Open it at home and relax to create a comfort and humidity room, surrounded by fog soft water, sit down and read the book to accompany the drama and enjoy the comfort of time at home. Not burying his head in front of the computer, he reached the waist to breathe fresh water mist and continued their struggle. The operating light colors sends a fine mist, dry boiler room becomes reassuring and accompanies you in the beautiful dream. From a drop of water to a piece of water mist, complete atomization of the film in microns spray system by means of high frequency vibration to atomize the liquid water mist water droplets mcron.A is soft and delicate and gauze and instantly floats in all directions to moisturize the skin, body and mind. The fog shield that must pass, sending a fine mist and not damp home. A new baffle split-flow mist is added to the mist outlet, which not only reduces diffusion and wetting of the water mist, but also blocks the condensation water mist in the mist droplets and sends light water only fog and thin, gently nourishes and does not wet the house. The activated carbon filter honeycomb traps the water mist poluda.A incoming fresh and alive has an air activated carbon filter of honeycomb structure, which absorbs odors, filters foreign particles, blocks and prevents hair and trash pollution of the water tank. To open the Shurun this season, simply turn the complicated and continuous fog adjustment knob and turn it to release the water moving device. Adjust the amount of haze according to your needs, find the amount of mist that lets you comfortable and feel private and humid. The air is no longer immersed in stone. Add fragrance and fragrance free. Build an aromatic indoor garden for you. Add different aromatic oils freely to fill your private space with your favorite fragrance and smell flowers and natural herbs. Protection of low water shutdown to have peace of mind Enjoy the humidification time embedded water level detection structure, instant feedback when a lack of water leaves the humidifier enter the standby protection to prevent dry burns, dampening peace of mind far from unexpected conditions.

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