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Enzime Hepazime 60cap.

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The liver is the biggest single solid organ in the human body. It receives approximately 1.5 litres of blood per minute and plays a role in three vitally important functions indispensable for our organism: Purification, synthesis and storage. Purification: The liver collects and transforms many toxins rendering them inoffensive before elimination. It destroys aging red and white blood cells, as well as certain bacteria present in the blood. It also destroys toxins deriving from wastes produced naturally by our organism, such as ammonia, but also those we ingest like alcohol. It neutralizes the medications we absorb once they have had their effects, this way avoiding dangerous accumulation. Synthesis: The liver is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats (cholesterol, triglycerides), and proteins (albumin). It plays an essential role in the production of clotting factors to avoid haemorrhages. It intervenes in the production and secretion of bile (600 to 1.200 ml/day) which is stored and concentrated in the gallbladder. Storage: The liver accumulates fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, K, E) and glycogen. In this way, the liver stores energy in the form of sugar and makes it available when needed by the body. The liver is the only organ which receives blood from two sources: The hepatic artery, which brings blood from the heart, and the portal vein, which provides blood from the intestines. Blood leaves the liver through the hepatic veins. Most substances absorbed in the gut have to pass through the liver before reaching other tissues. Hydrolysis of amino acids is carried out in the liver, in such a way that the nitrogen contained in the amino acids is converted into urea and so is eliminated by the kidneys as a component of urine. Through this mechanism the liver excretes proteic nitrogen, as well as expelling those substances foreign to the body such as medications, hormones, additives, food colourings, etc

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