Etixx Isotonic 1000 gr

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Etixx Isotonic 1000 gr

Etixx Isotonic 1000 gr

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Isotonic sports drink rich in carbohydrates, with a 2:1 (glucose:fructose) sugar combination and with electrolytes.The 2:1 formula (maltodextrin: fructose) makes it possible to consume larger amounts of carbohydratesSodium ensures that moisture is retained better in the body and stimulates thirstIdeal isotonic thirst-quencher for hot weatherpH-neutral to prevent upset stomachChoice of 4 flavours: orange, orange-mango, lemon and watermelonDuring exercise, your body sweats to help regulate body temperature. This loss of fluid can be extremely detrimental to performance and therefore athletes must compensate by drinking to replace lost fluids. Not only that, but when we sweat we lose key electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium which are essential for performance. They must also be replaced to encourage moisture retention and stimulate thirst.In addition to this, performance in prolonged exercise is reliant on the availability of muscle glycogen and therefore it can be important to take on carbohydrates during exercise to replenish fuel stores. If no carbohydrates were consumed during prolonged or intense efforts, muscle glycogen stores would be depleted afterapprox. 90min. The amount of carbohydrate you should take during exercise depends on the length of the session or event.Who will benefit from drinking the Etixx Isotonic?The isotonic thirst quencher is a drink that is suitable for all athletes who need to quickly restore fluid balance and replenish energy and electrolytes. It can be of benefit to all athletes, from explosive sports such as sprinters, to team sports, to endurance athletes. It is also the ideal sports drink for training and competing in hot weather.Instructions for useDissolve 35g powder (2 scoops = 35g powder) in 500ml of water. Drink at least 500 ml per hour effort. In warmer conditions and during intensive exercise, it is recommended to drink 750 ml up to 1 l per hour.

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