Fitness Mad No Stink Pair Of Multi-Purpose Deodorisers

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Fitness Mad No Stink Pair Of Multi-Purpose Deodorisers

Od Fitness Mad

Cena: 13,95 AUD
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Fitness Mad's No Stink Multi-Purpose Deodorisers act as the ultimate unwanted smell remover Simply place with luggage, in drawers, sports gloves, shoes, and many more places to remove unpleasant odours and moisture overnight. These deodorisers make use of the natural properties of bamboo charcoal, a highly porous material which removes moisture, thus preventing bacterial growth. These deodorisers are long lasting and effective. To re-activate, simply place them in the sun one a month for a couple of hours They are also recyclable. Cut open your old deodoriser bags and empty the contents onto the soil in your garden to help plants absorb the nutrients. Sold in packs of 2, and akso available in three other versions. Features 15cm x 5. 5cm Non-toxic Anti-bacterial and moisture absorbing Recyclable in soil Unscented but effective

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