Nude Gel Lacquer 36w Uv + Led Nail Art Lamp Starter Kit 6pcs Shellac Uv Nail Polish 8ml

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Nude Gel Lacquer 36w Uv + Led Nail Art Lamp Starter Kit 6pcs Shellac Uv Nail Polish 8ml

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Product Description: manicure Tools: 1x 36w Uv / Led Light 6pc Uv Nail Polish 1x Top Coat 1x Primer 1 * Cleaning Brush 1 * Nail Polish 1*10 Spreader 1 * Cuticle Knife 1 * Cuticle Pusher 1 * Nail Clippers 1 * Dot Tool 10 * Makeup Remover Pad 10 * Cleaning Pad 1 * Rhinestone 1 * French Nail Sticker 1 * Nail Sticker characteristic: [long Time]: Good Quality, Good Adhesion, normal Operation, It May Take 2-3 Weeks. [good Quality]: We Use High-quality Nail Polish, Which Has A Small Odor, Non-toxic, Safe And environmentally Friendly. You Can Use It With Confidence [easy To Carry]: We Use Single Bottle Packaging, 8ml Per Bottle. Small Package, Multi-color, suitable For Many Occasions. [colorful]: Our Suits Also Have A Variety Of Colors, each Of Which Is Composed Of Popular Colors. no Matter What Kind Of Paint, Clothes Or Cosmetics You Need, There Is Always One That Suits You how To Use Nail Polish? 1. Roughen And Degrease Nails 2. Apply A Thin Layer Of Primer And Let Dry brief Introduction Under Uv/led Lamp 3. Apply Another Layer Of Gel Polish And Cure Under The Nail Lamp 4. Apply The Second Thick Layer And Cure Again 5. Seal The Whole Thing With Top Coat And Let it Dries Under The Lamp notification: the First Three Layers (primer-color-color) it Feels Sticky After Drying In The Lamp, But In The End The Layer (topcoat) Is Then Fully Hardened. 2. There Are Small Plastic Nails, You Can hang On The Neck Of The Bottle Like A Ring, so You Can Draw Them And Always Know Which The Color Is In The Bottle. 3. Depending On The Color Result You Want To Do This, You Can Apply 2-3 Layers Of Colors One After Another.

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