Striped Skull Knee High Costume Tights, M

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Striped Skull Knee High Costume Tights, M

Od Belly

Cena: 199,00 AUD
199,00 AUD i DARMOWA wysyłka

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Frighteningly-good Tights for Halloween Nights These spunky, punky knee-high tights will give all your friends a fright! These Boo! Inc. tights add the final touch to any trick-or-treating Halloween costume, theme party outfit, or costume contest entry. And when Halloween comes to an end, use them for dress up and play pretend all year round. You're in for a spooktacular treat with these classic tights! Handle with Scare: These girl's pattern tights are made with 100% nylon, no hocus pocus materials. Caught in a dark and a stormy night? Hand wash your tantalizing tights and hang them out to dry. Medium socks measure about 17" tall from heel to knee, 20" for large.

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Marka Belly
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