SERAMIS® Cultivation / Herbal Organic Soil, 20 litres

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SERAMIS® Cultivation / Herbal Organic Soil, 20 litres

By Seramis

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SERAMIS® cultivation / herbal organic soil, 20 litresDescription:Our cultivation and herb organic soil offers seeds and delicate seedlings optimal growth conditions due to their particularly fine structure. The loose and fine structure establishes optimal contact between seeds, cutting seam and special soil. Due to its balanced composition, it is specially adapted to the needs of seedlings, cuttings and herbs and is purely organically pre-fertilized. This interaction ensures good air and water flow, which is reflected in healthy plant growth. In order to protect our bogs, we do not use peat. Our cultivation/herbal biosoil is therefore peat-free and is produced in Germany. Application: for: sowing and growing of young plants and cuttings, herbal properties:Suitable for sowing, cultivation of herbs, young plants and cuttings. The unique combination of renewable, quality-assured raw materials with SERAMIS® plant granules optimizes the water and air balance in the substrate sustainably. With the SERAMIS® plant granules, plants obtain optimal growth conditions: stable substrate structure, higher water and nutrient storage, very good water absorption and water distribution, higher air capacity, lower compaction in the planter, very good rewettability in dryness. The natural source of potassium provides aromatic fruits and a good firmness of the plants. Purely organically pre-fertilized for about 3 weeks; after that, the plants should be fertilized regularly with a suitable organic fertiliser according to the instructions for use. Instructions for use: Sowing breeding vessel with growing/herbs Organic soil and easily press. Note: Before applying the seeds, observe the respective instructions for use, as there are light and dark germs or seeds need to be pre-treated for better germination. After sowing, moisten the soil evenly and keep it slightly moisturised; avoid stowage wetness. To increase the humidity, for example, a plastic bag can be sucked over the sowing or sown directly into a mini greenhouse. Regular ventilation must be ensured. Fill cuttingsPlant ingula with growing/herbs organic soil and press easily. Put cuttings directly into the growing/herb biosoil, moisturize the soil evenly and keep it slightly moisturize; avoid stowage wetness. The cultivation/herbal biosoil contains an organic basic fertilization, therefore should not be fertilized immediately after germination, but only when the seedling has formed the first leaves. In the case of cuttings, fertilization takes place at the earliest 3 weeks after root formation, in the case of herbs approx. 3-4 weeks after planting.Culture substrate:using plant substances from horticulture and landscaping, agricultural, horticultural, clay, sand, organic nitrogen fertiliser (animal by-products of category 3)Organic substance: 16% (FM)pH: 6.9 (CaCl2)Salt content: 1.5 g/l (KCl)Precursors:Vegetable substances from horticulture and landscaping ( Green material compost), agricultural vegetable substances (coconut fibre), vegetable substances from forestry (wood fibre), clay granules, sand, clay minerals, hornmeal (animal by-products of category 3 according to EC Regulation No 1069/2009). Plant-available (soluble) nutrients:180 mg/l nitrogen (N) (CaCl2)400 mg/l phosphate (P2O5) (CAL)1300 mg/l potassium (K2O) (CAL)100 mg/l magnesium (Mg) (CaCl2)Tested quality:All selected substrate raw materials meet the high requirements of quality assurance of SERAMIS®. The composition of the peat-free SERAMIS® cultivation/herbal biosoil, is based on selected and sustainable raw materials of high quality. Regular inspections by the State School of Horticulture and Agriculture at the University of Hohenheim guarantee the consistent high quality. Selected green composts provide valuable nutrients and increase biological activity. The integrated wood fibre WEST+technology ensures a stable and loose structure of the plant soil, while the coconut fiber guarantees good water absorption and water distribution. The fine sand provides a loose structure, which is significantly increased by the unique SERAMIS® plant granules with its porous clay granules. In addition, the integrated planting granulate increases the water absorption and ensures good air and water flow in the high-quality cultivation/herbal bioerde.Pack sizes: 20 liters of bags / sack application allowed by non-professional users. This product information does not replace compliance with the instructions for use and does not claim to be complete.


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