SERAMIS® special substrate for cacti and succulents, 7 litres

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SERAMIS® special substrate for cacti and succulents, 7 litres

By Seramis

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SERAMIS® special substrate for cacti and succulents, 7 litreDescription:The SERAMIS® special substrate for cacti and succulents offers cacti and succulents the best conditions for optimal growth. For this purpose, our planting granules were mixed with lava and expanded clay. Our proven planting granules made of natural Westerwald clay store water and nutrients in the light, porous clay granules and deliver them to the plants as required. Lava and broken expanded clay provide an increased drainage effect – this not only ensures a permanently loose structure, but also effectively prevents waterlogging and a root rot that often accompanies it. Application:for: all cacti, succulentproperties:Seramis plant granules store water and nutrients and gives them as needed from which it consists of light, porous clay grains drainage effect loose structure Waterlogging is prevented creates optimal growth conditions extremely long-lived substrateInstructions for use: At the latest when the roots grow out of the water extraction holes on the bottom of the pot, it is time to give the plants more space. The best time to repot with the SERAMIS® special substrate for cacti and succulents is from January to March, but it can also be done after flowering until September. It is particularly recommended to repot in spring in order to give the plants sufficient space for the upcoming growth spurt due to increased solar radiation. Preparation• Use a planter with a drain hole so that excess water can flow into the planter or coaster. For ball cacti and succulents with compact growth, select the new pot in such a way that it offers the root bale about two centimetres more space than the original one. For column cacti and succulents with a safe stand, they have at least one third of the height of the plant.• Cover the drain hole in the vessel with gravel or shards of clay.• Do not water the plant about a week before repotting, so it can be better potted and freed from excess soil.• Gently loosen the root bale and remove the root bale. Repot • To repot the pot with drain hole 1/3 with SERAMIS® special substrate fill, place the root bale of the potted plant in the center of the pot and fill evenly with SERAMIS® special substrate for cacti and succulents until the root bale is covered. It is easy to knock against the pot so that it can lay around the roots. To top frand, leave a casting edge of about one centimetre.• The location requirements of the respective cacti and succulents in terms of light and temperature must be taken into account. Care• The freshly potted plant is only poured after about a week, until the water is overcooked in the coaster or planter. Remove the water at least 3 hours after watering.• For the safe determination of the ideal casting time, the SERAMIS® casting indicators can be used for medium to large pots. During the growing and flowering period, you can water after the watering indicator, otherwise the substrate is only slightly moistened from time to time.• cacti have a significantly reduced water requirement compared to other crops. In winter and during the rest period, the casting should therefore be completely discontinued. However, if the cacti remain standing in heated rooms, the special substrate is easy to moisten from time to time.• For optimal plant growth, the plants should be regularly supplied with all important nutrients. Therefore, you can plant your plants with the SERAMIS® vital food for flowering plants. Please note that succulents and cacti require less nutrients and therefore only one in two pouring succulents will not be fertilized during this;br><br> Plants that are in the resting phase are not fertilized during this time. Culture substrate:in soil-independent use using clay and lava.Contains little organic substance pH (CaCl2) 6.9precursors:tone granules, lava, expanded clayPlant available (soluble) nutrients:60 mg/l potassium (K2O) (CAL)58 mg/kg nickel (Ni) (TM)Packing size: 7 liters in bag / bag application by non-occupational users. This product information does not replace compliance with the instructions for use and does not claim to be complete.


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