Serum for Eyelashes Growth with Natural Extracts

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Serum for Eyelashes Growth with Natural Extracts

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Serum for Eyelashes Growth with Natural Extracts We All Want Long Thick and Attractive Eyebrows Because They Enhance the Facial Expression. This Eyelash Growth Serum Makes Eyelashes Longer Thicker and is Also Suitable for Women with a Lack of Lashes. You Will See a Growth of Your Eyelashes After 3-4 Weeks of Continuous Use and Eyelashes Will Look Quite Different After About 16 Weeks; Our Serum is Fast and Efficient in Strenghtening the Lashes. The Serum Formulation Contains Extracts Commonly Used in the Region of the Far East to the Growth of Eyelashes and Has Been Used for Hundreds of Years: It is Composed of Several Plant Extracts Including Extracts of Folium Isatidis Cacumen of Platycladi Nigella Sativa Fructus Chebulae Radix Preparata and Polygoni Multiflori Reef. The Coral Extract Provides Essential Minerals and Trace Elements and Stimulates Skin Renewal. The Isatidis Folium is Rich in Amino Acids and Polysaccharides Which Are Believed to Be Useful to Enable and Stimulate the Growth of Hair and Eyelashes. The Cacumen Platycladi in Chinese Medicine is Believed to Have the Blood and Promotes Cooling Function of Hair Growth and Darkening of Hair. The Fructus Chebula Contains Terflavin B a Type of Tannin While Chébulinique Acid Found in Fruit Has Antioxidant Activities. The Ploygonum Multiflorum Also Known As Fo-ti is a Chinese Herb That is Said to Rejuvenate the Body and is Used to Treat Bone Weakness and Premature Graying of Hair and the Treatment of Hair Loss. Instructions : Use 2 to 3 Times Daily. Apply a Thin Line of Serum Evenly at the Base of the Eyelashes. Note: the Liquid is Transparent Content: 1x Eyelashes Growth Serum 3ml

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