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Tigers by Paula Hammond


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Tigers is an outstanding collection of photographs showing these fearsome yet magnificent animals in action. Tigers are the largest big cats in the world and because of this many cultures consider the tiger to be a symbol of strength courage and dignity. They are featured in ancient mythology and folklore and continue to be depicted in modern films and literature. Youll discover how tigers are adapted for hunting A tigers paws and claws are one of its greatest weapons during the hunt. Stron

Szczegóły (techniczne)

Marka AMBB
Kategoria Książki
Autor Paula Hammond
Format Hardback
Język English
Ilość stron 224
Data wydania 2020-02-27
Wydawca / Wytwórnia płytowa AMBB
Identyfikator Fruugo 48602021-96467528
ISBN 9781782749653
Zarejestrowany numer VAT sprzedawcy GB 160 5650 25

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