Toka Pleasure Gel Ginger Aroma Warming Lubricant 10x6ml

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Toka Pleasure Gel Ginger Aroma Warming Lubricant 10x6ml

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Cena: 20,95 AUD
20,95 AUD + 32,08 AUD wysyłka

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TOKA Pleasure Gel Ginger Aroma Warming Lubricant 10x6ml TOKA natural pleasure warming lubricant is a silky, thermal water based lube gel that feels heavenly on the skin and heats up your intimate area. It is also an isomolar compound, meaning it contains the same concentration of salts and other elements as those found in the cells of your body, helping to keep the intimate areas of your skin hydrated and free from irritation. Silky organic aloe vera combined with spicy and seductive ginger provide natural, smooth lubrication with enhanced arousal for a more sensual experience of togetherness. Pack contains 10 x 6ml single-dose sachets TOKA intimate products are high quality gels and oils made with natural and organic components to benefit your sexual wellbeing. The products are all formulated with a base of thermal water having a salt ratio equal to that of the human body, thus maintaining the natural PH balance of your skin, minimising the possibility of irritation, allergic reaction or discomfort. All TOKA products are Paraben Free Dermatologically Tested Gynaecologically Tested

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