Fridja F-1400 Clothes, Garment & Fabric Steamer

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Fridja F-1400 Clothes, Garment & Fabric Steamer

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Fridja F-1400 Clothes, Garment and Fabric Steamer The Fridja F-1400 Entry-Level, Portable, Professional Clothes and Garment Steamer, Ideal for Home and Small Business Use. Portable yet powerful. Domestic or commercial use. Suitable for all materials. 100 minutes from one tank. 45 seconds to start steaming. Remote control. Transform tired looking, creased garments and fabrics into presentable pieces quickly and easily. Traditional ironing is time consuming and laborious, particularly in a commercial or retail setting. With a Fridja steamer for clothes, you can avoid taking garments from their hanger by ironing them directly whilst still hung up. The Fridja steamer allows you to simply get professional results with the minimum of fuss. The Chinese manufactured Fridja F-1400 clothes steamer has a large 3.2-litre water tank that produces continuous steam for up to 100 minutes. Simply switch our colourful steamer on using the control panel or remote control in the handle and in only 45 seconds the steamer is ready to use. One of the greatest advantages of using a steamer rather than an iron is that they are safe to use on nearly any fabric, even delicate fabrics like silk, satin, chiffon and clothes with decorative details like beads and sequins, an ideal dress steamer and silk steamer. They are also safe to use on dry clean only clothes, like suits (a suit steamer) and winter wool coats. A folding hanger with adjustable shoulders is also supplied with the steamer that allows you to hang garments for speedy crease and crinkle removal. A professional garment steamer is also effective in refreshing and sanitising fabrics, so you could use it on sofas, bedding, baby's clothes and toys. The telescopic pole can be adjusted from 80cm to 132cm, making it easy for anyone to use and suiting different environments. The Fridja F-1400 professional garment steamer also includes a host of accessories including a trouser clamp, mini ironing mat, upholstery brush and a hand-protecting glove. The fantastic Fridja F-1400 professional garment steamer can benefit both domestic and commercial environments. Fridja steamers are used at events like fashion weeks (fashion steamer), shops, boutiques, dressing rooms and utility rooms around the world. Choose from two different colours. Heats Up From Cold in 45 Seconds. Large Detachable Water Tank 3.2-litres, 100 Minutes From One Tank. Remote Control on Handle - Ideal for Fast Use in Shop. Brilliant and Safe Alternative to Ironing. Perfect for Delicate Clothing including Silk and Lace. Ideal for Dry Cleaning and School Uniform. Will Not Make Suits Shiny. Five Gorgeous Colours. Great for Soft Furnishings, Bedding and Curtains. Ten Levels of Steam Control - Control on Handle or Base. Steam Flow: 30g/minute. 100 Minutes of Continuous Steam. Lightweight and Easy to Move. Power Requirement 220V / 240V. (When using this device on a 110v outlet (e.g. in USA or Canada), a 3000kW transformer, which are readily and easily available to buy online, is needed). Gross Weight 5.4kg. 1,500watt - Perfect for Fabric. Made in China. Overall Dimensions: 25cm wide x 32cm long x 80cm (min.) - 132cm (max.) high | Weight: 5.4kg | Storage height: 78cm. Advanced Control - In the palm of your hand. Turning on your clothes steamer using the remote control on the handle means you can get steaming even quicker. Vary the necessary power between 1 and 10 at the touch of a button. With 100 minutes of steam from one full tank, this is the perfect steamer to get your small boutique or to zip through your laundry, at the touch of a button. Boxy. Sexy. Bold. - Turning your bedroom into backstage. The Fridja F-1400 steamer is designed from the bottom up to look as good as your clothes. Our clothes steamers help you organise your wardrobe or shop to it's potential. When you're done, leave it out, ready to use. What's the point in having an ugly steamer? The Bottom line - Life is short, too short to share it with your iron. Using a steamer is fast and easy. Hanging up clothes shows you where the creases are and means you can get rid of them without creating more, like with an iron and an ironing board. Accessories included with every steamer inside every box: Clasp Attachment Use the clasp attachment to create perfect creases on a pair of trousers. Simply attach the clasp to your steamer head and glide up each leg. You'll never make a double crease again. The clasp attachment can be used wherever you need a neat crease for a crisp, pressed finish. Try using on the vents of blazers, slits of skirts and on the arms of shirts This is an attachment you'll want to keep handy. Upholstery Brush The upholstery brush is your key when steaming your furniture and curtains. Its bristles relax and rejuvenate fabric fibres, allowing the steam to penetrate deeper, freshening and sanitising your home. The upholstery brush is also a fantastic way to remove hair, fluff and lint from furniture and clothing. Super duper useful. Remote Control This exclusive feature of the F-1400 garment steamer allows you to switch your steamer on & off right from the handle without having to crouch down. Plus it has power level controls so you can choose the right steam pressure for any chosen task. Is this your new garment steamer or your new best friend? We'd like to think both. Hand Ironing Mat When steaming heavier materials, you might sometimes need a little extra support behind the area being steamed. This is when the hand ironing mat comes out. Steaming curtains and tough materials like denim becomes a doddle, and you protect your hands too. Did we mention you won't need 5 minutes to set this one up like a standard ironing board? Maybe we should. 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