Universal Selfie telescopic Rod stick self timer remote control Selfie-stick


Universal Selfie telescopic Rod stick self timer remote control Selfie-stick

By 4Smarts

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Smallest folding Selfie stick for on the go with built-in cable shutter release. Fits in standard jackets, pants pockets and handbags. Latest technology for iOS and Android devices. Just the cable into the headphone jack and go go. Each Selfie shot a goal. It must be produced no Bluetooth connection to the Smartphone. Insert and happy smile Product features: Selfies from any angle and distance to the patent pending cable shutter release note: shutter button only work if following adjustment has been made: camera settings--> General settings--> volume button camera button. Big button to trigger the capture on the handle easy link - no additional application required length: 160-600 mm weight: 100gLieferumfang: 4smarts Selfie rod with KabelauslöserKompatibel devices with Android or iOS operating system, as well as a maximum width of 80 mm ACERLiquid jade 2, liquid Z320, liquid Z630, liquid Z530, liquid Z410 plus, liquid Z330, liquid Z630S, liquid Z530S, liquid Z520 plus, liquid yesde Z plus , Liquid yesde S, liquid Z500 plus, liquid E700 trio, liquid E600 plus, yesde plus, liquid liquid E3, liquid Z4, liquid Z5, liquid Z5 DuoAlcatelPixi 4 (5.0 "), Idol 4, Idol 4S, Flash plus 2, pixi 4 (4.0"), pixi 4 (3.5 "), one touch pop 3 (5.5) LTE, one touch pop 3 (5.5) Dual SIM, one touch Idol 3C, one touch go play, pixi first , One touch pop-up, pixi 3 (4 "), one touch Idol 3 5.5 inch, one touch Idol 3 4.7 inch, pixi 3 (5 '), pixi 3 (3.5"), pop C9 one touch Idol 2, OneTouch Idol 2 mini, one touch Idol 2s, one touch mini Idol X +, one touch Idol 2 mini dual SIM 6016D, one touch Idol 2 mini dual SIM 6016E , One touch Idol S, pop C7, one touch Idol alpha, one touch Idol X, one touch Idol mini, one touch pop C3, one touch style pop C3 DualSIMAllviewX3 soul Lite, X 3 soul X 3 soul plus, X 3 soul Pro, P6 eMagic, X 3 soul mini, X 3 soul, P8 energy mini, X 2 soul style +, X 2 soul style, E4, E4 Lite, V2 Viper X +, E3 living , X 2 soul Lite, P8 energy, energy of P5, A5 Quad plus, X 2 soul Pro, sign of E3, E2 jump, P6 energy, V1 Viper i4G, X 1 Xtreme mini, C6 Quad 4 G X 2 soul V1 Viper S4G, A4 You, A5 Smiley, V1 Viper e, P7 Seon, mini X 2 twin, V1 Viper i, E2 living, X 2 soul, P6 life V1 Viper S, P7 Xtreme, X 1 Xtreme , A5 Quad, X 1 soul mini, X 1 SoulAmazonFire PhoneAppleiPhone SE, 6s plus, 6s, 6 plus 6, 4s, 5s, 5cArchos55 cobalt +, 50 cobalt, 50 d oxygen, diamond 2 plus, 50 power, diamond S, diamond plus, 50e 50 oxygen, helium, 55 Platinum, 50c Platinum + LTE, 50 helium +, 55 helium +, 50 d helium 4 G, 50c 50 oxygen, neon, 52 Platinum +, 50 diamond, 50c 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Brand 4Smarts
Category Game Controller Accessories
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EAN 4250774979613
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